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Metropolitan Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine accepts most medical insurances, such as Empire Bluecross Blueshield, The Empire Plan(UnitedHealthcare), United Healthcare, Healthfirst, Health Net, Cigna,  American Specialty Health, Triad Healthcare, MagnaCare, Aetna et al. No fault (car accident) is accepted. Our clinic is one of very few clinics accepting Acupuncture Insurances (Deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments may apply). 

Please fill out the form(the below) and email us(wujsh0415@gmail.com), so we can help you verify  if you have the insurance benefit for acupuncture as soon as possible.

Patient Name:
Date Of Birth (DOB): 
Patient’s Gender:
Social Security Number:
Insurance Company Name
Provider Phone # (from insurance card):
Policy/Plan #:
Group #:
Patient Mailing Address:

Policy Holder Name (If the primary insured is not yourself, but your spouse, parent, partner, etc.):
Policy Holder's DOB: 
Policy Holder’s Gender:
Patient’s Relationship to Policy Holder:
Policy Holder Mailing Address (if different from above):

Our Affinity Networks (HWHN*, OptumHealth*) will accord most insurance holders a 20% discount.

*Healthways WholeHealth Networks (HWHN)
*Optum Health Care Solutions (OptumHealth)

Price List

Acupuncture (Initial)              $50.00-80.00/Per treatment;
Acupuncture (Follow-up)        $50.00-70.00/Per treatment;
Chinese Massage                   $45.00 /1Hr; $30/30 min;
Foot Massage & Reflexology   $40.00/1Hr; $25/30min;
Herbal Treatment: Acupuncture with Herbal Treatment: $80-100/per treatment

Herbal Treatment: $35-45/per treatment (one week).

Infrared Wraps: $25/1 hour

We offer you a free walk-in consultation about the treatment at the Office in Queens . Please make an appointment with us.